RYE Study Session

Democritical - Joint Study Session by RYEurope and CEJA

Datum 24. Februar-03. März 2019
Ort European Youth Centre Budapest
Gruppe Rural Youth Europe
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The aim of the study session is to trough understanding the complications that rural youth are faced with in democratic processes, find innovative and engaging ways of participating.



  • Learn what democratic process is

  • Analyse how rural youth is involved/not involved in the process and recognising the barriers that hinder youth’s participation in democratic processes

  • Learn how emotions impact democratic processes

  • Look at the possibilities and take action

  • Empower youth to participate in democratic processes


The study session is facilitated by using non-formal educational methods, where participants will be actively participating in the sessions and discuss their views and experiences on the topic. The sessions include a variety of methods such as group work and visits of experts.



9. März 2019 63. Delegiertenversammlung der SLJV 16. März 2019 Studienreise 13. Oktober 2019 23. Tag der Landjugend


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