RYE Autumn Seminar

Be a Piece of Peace

Datum 08.-15. Oktober 2017
Ort Österreich
Gruppe Rural Youth Europe
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The overall aim of the project is to actively involve youth workers, leaders and rural youth in defending human rights and promoting peace in a time of change in Europe.


The objectives for the project are that the participants:

  • understand the variety of rural realities throughout Europe and the needs of rural young people,

  • gain knowledge about human rights and peace building in relation to the recent changes in Europe,

  • gain skills to facilitate education on human rights and peace-building among rural youth, and

  • develop a campaign to promote human rights and peace in rural communities around Europe.



10. März 2018 Schweizerische Delegiertenversammlung 7. September 2018 Schweizerischer Landjugendwettbewerb


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